ZIHing Red -- the Mormon tragedy

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, November 29, 2019, 15:45 (698 days ago) @ Canada Pete

Because Mexico was such a peaceful place prior to Trump.

The entire WORLD was a SAFER place prior to The Chump, but his only part in this is BEING a terrorist while pretending to declare brown-skinned Spanish-speaking foreigners as TERRORISTS while in campaign mode. There’s a central connection there some folks commenting here seem to be missing. No one has even suggested The Chump is responsible for violence in Mexico, only a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS.

Mexico and Zihu-Ixtapa exist from US Money and tourism.

I strongly disagree, and while we ARE grateful for foreign tourism and investment, we are a community of proud people, not whores for sale. I hope you can appreciate that not everyone commenting here is a tourist, and this is not a phony warm and fuzzy 24-hour happy hour good-time Charlie’s where you will only experience endless mindless platitudes of spoon-fed BS and sales pitches. Our weather really is damn near perfect and this place sure as hell is as damn close to a paradise as is possible despite what may be viewed as shortcomings by some visitors.

There's more than a million dollars a day coming from the US to Zihu -Ixtapa this time of year.

And you pulled that figure out of WHERE? Most tourists here are Mexicans, as is most of the money, for what it’s worth.

If the Red Travel Advisory is not enough, folks come and read your comments to see what the locals are thinking and doing. You locals don't do yourselves many favors.

Like I said, wrong website for sales pitches and BS platitudes. Want your ego stroked and your preconceived notions confirmed while they pick your pocket go to one of those tourist websites. This website is about MY RECOMMENDATIONS to keep you safe, happy and harmless while visiting our diverse and challenging region of Mexico. No one’s died so far following my advice. Can the competition make the same claim? :-o

Good thing message boards can be a good source of information, but they don't have a very good input from the majority.

Are you some kind of expert? ;-)

P.S. I don't EVER wear anything that identifies my country in a foreign country. It's nothing more than a target. Best to just blend in, enjoy where you are and not get involved in other peoples business.

I’ve never worried about being a white Anglo-Saxon except where and when paybacks may be due. When terrorists threatened Floridians I wore the infamous bulls-eye t- shirt. Wherever you may be you can’t help but be involved in other people’s business. Better to be aware of your surroundings instead of apart from them.

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