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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, November 30, 2019, 09:18 (305 days ago) @ mcnuttja

I do not agree and neither does documented history. The Cartels began to emerge after the US reused to allow Chinese to emigrate, I believe in the late 1880's. These Chinese settled in Mexico and began opium production. This led o to other drug related import. So, Mexico has had this problem a LONG time.......nothing new.......

The most recent wave of Chinese live in the Mexicali region of the border area. Those are related to the wave of immigrants that helped build U.S. railroads. Before that there were Chinese here in southern Guerrero having come over on the Nao de China during a period of high commerce between our nations long before there ever was a USA or pale-faced gringos. But those have long ago assimilated into Mexican culture and mestizo-hood and their descendents now dwell mostly in Mexico City. Not in Guerrero. As for cartels and opium, Mexican opium was never a big money-maker until relatively recently in our history. Mexican brown was the dirt cheap stuff that had fallen out of favor and pretty much out of use until the opioid mass addiction crisis hit the USA. The war in Afghanistan also gave it a little help in the first years until production from Afghanistan actually INCREASED under the protection of the USA as their "war" there evolved into something else. Back before the opioid addiction bloomed, no one was fighting wars in the sierra of Guerrero to dominate the poppy trade, a problem we're actually watching wind down now as fentanyl replaces heroin among users in the USA. Though Guerrero has always been a "bronco" state, we weren't a war zone until the ban on assault weapons was lifted in the USA and the .50 cal Barretts started showing up here.

You're confusing cartels with smugglers. Mexicans have long smuggled alcohol, pot and to a lesser extent opium into the USA, though they were never the only ones. This whole business became a problem that got out of hand in large part thanks to the USA's "war on drugs" policy that put the cocaine smuggling operations into the hands of Mexican cartels, whether intentionally or not, you'll have to ask the DEA and I wouldn't trust a damn thing they said. I've lived here during much of this and watched this problem unfold and grow and get out of hand. It was nowhere near as bad as it is now until the US federal government allowed the ban on assault weapons to expire. That's when Mexico became a proxy war zone for the "war on drugs". Time for a new policy because that one has killed and injured more people than if the entire nation were addicted to whatever substances the USA is trying to ban its citizens from consuming.

Mexicans will not tolerate armed foreigners on their soil nor drone strikes. So whatever the US federal government does it had better tread very carefully. As things are the USA is practically an international pariah, but we're all still trying to stay positive, though it is extremely sad to watch such a wonderful nation fall so far from its previous position of respect in the world.

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