Same old problem

by zulualpha, Saturday, November 30, 2019, 16:26 (305 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

"...the ban on assault weapons was lifted and .50 calibre Barretts started showing up here."

This is a critical point to understand in any discussion on the "drug wars" in Mexico. Very few people have much idea of how the avalability of US military-grade assault weapons in the US has affected Mexico´s ability to maintain a safe and secure state for its citizens.

A brief summary:

1994 -- the Clinton Admin. imposes an US assault gun ban, to last for 10 years.

2004 -- the Bush Admin., spurred on by the NRA, 2nd Amendment boosters and the events of 9/11, does not renew the ban.

Massed-produced assault weapons, "legally" bought in the US now become available to Mexican organized crime groups, principally drug cartels.

Violence in Mexico escalates; Mexican security forces find themselves outgunned. Then Mexican President Felipe Calderón in early 2007 "sends the Army into the streets" to counter the increased armed might of criminals. The Bush Admin. offers logistical support and military training to Mexico in support of that effort, through the Mérida Accord.

2019 -- Colt announces an end to the manufacture of its trademark AR 15, the civilian version of the Vietnam-era M-16. The market for the AR 15, a favorite of Mexican mobsters, is saturated.

The beat goes on.....

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