ZIHing Zihuatanejo

by SweetSusy @, Sunday, December 01, 2019, 16:52 (695 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

It is amazing though that you don’t really allow anyone on this board to start a topic of bad Mexican news (shootings in Z or Ixtapa, etc) because it scares the tourists that want to come and enjoy the area, but yet you will gladly always bash those same US tourists’ country. I’ve always been amazed at how you can blame the drug addicts North of the Mexican border on the drugs flowing out of Mexico. I’d say that was a chicken and egg problem. Which came first? Hmmmmm. As far as our President Trump goes...he is in office because the majority of American people are so very tired of our career politicians and how they have taken over our nation. Although we live in a democracy, we, the voters, are having less and less to say about how things are run. We are being poo pooed like a bunch of school age children that don’t understand what we are doing. And the sad thing is that the government still hasn’t “gotten it”. They still haven’t figured out why we put him in office. And we will probably put him in again next year just to show that yes, we do have a voice! Do I agree with most of what the man does, not really. But I don’t disagree that our economy is the strongest it’s been in decades, our unemployment is the lowest it’s been in decades and we are really trying to put America first again. We have been trying to be the center of the world for too long. I don’t disagree with protecting our borders. We have immigration laws that need to be abided by. I think you would find that most Americans, just like most Mexicans, as people are fine and loving individuals. That is why I would never classify the people of a nation by the nation as a whole. I know Rob will tell me I am misinformed and don’t understand everything, because, for the last several years I’ve been reading this boards, no one is as brilliant as he is. But we all have our voice.

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