ZIHing Zihuatanejo

by midalake @, Monday, December 02, 2019, 12:34 (695 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Under past administration almost every building in a close by Industrial Park became vacant. Only booming businesses were pawn shops. In past couple years every building is now occupied with half having HELP WANTED signs posted. Rob, your hatred for the President is no reason for you to allow your Message Board to become a political pixxing contest. You are above that!

Another person justifying the prostitution of the USA, the degradation of the office of the president, the poisoning of the environment, the lies, the obstruction of justice, the creation of various humanitarian crises, and the acts of outright terrorism against my fellow Mexicans incited by the Racist-in-Chief. I can see why pointing out such matters upsets people who enabled this monstrously obscene atrocity defiling the Office of the President.

So some old buildings got rented (thanks to the Obama economic recovery) but you don’t care about the price the nation is paying? Some things are more important than money.

Pissing contest? Wetting one’s diapers in a room full of adults is no pissing contest. Come on, amigo, you know better than that.


And YES, this is the adult part of the forum.


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