by maggie, Wednesday, December 04, 2019, 09:32 (249 days ago) @ northbay

If the grey hair and the gasping valiantly up the stairs is any indication I can safely assume the majority of the clientele at the Catalina have been returning every year for decades :) ~~like the turtles~~
A few years ago Eva's health started failing and I too have been concerned for this lovely place and the people working there, many of whom have become friends~ some I have known since the Sotavento days. I was there recently and when I left I had a strong sense that this would be the last time. No Eva, no Catalina or certainly no Catalina like the hotel we all have grown to love over our lifetimes. A haven, a comfort when stressed, a place to go to heal and to celebrate or to just step off ordinary life, return to a simpler time. This place on La Ropa feels like a second home and Eva and all the wonderful people working there made it so.
Sad news indeed.

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