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We have been here since Monday, will be going home Tuesday.
Celso is the only person I recognize from prior years. There are varying stories as to what's up with Xavier and with Eva

[sensitive personal information regarding Eva and Javier has been removed by ForumAdmin per request]

Her son is supposedly running the hotel from Berlin Germany.

As far as the hotel, maintenance is not up to par, we do see people doing maintenance, but in general it's not the Catalina that I've known.

1 thing specifically the stairs are not as well-lit as they used to be, most of the lights that used to be along the wall are missing.

The food is still very, very good and the pool of course it's wonderful. The restrooms in the restaurant area have been out of order since we arrived. there is a very large ant hill at the top of the stairs as you enter into the restaurant.

Our room as we arrived wasn't very clean, we had a couple of cockroaches visiting, and there's a massive number of ants behind a picture below the air conditioning and they've been very busy.

The area around the pool is sketchy, there are very sharp edges where concrete has broken away. ( this is at the surface outside of the pool.)

I don't know about last night, but Thursday night there was no sunset bar. If you made your way to the restaurant the waiter did make some drinks. The table next to us, wasn't happy with their drinks and one, quest returned her Tequila Sunrise, saying it was undrinkable.

I am fairly certain I will go back to Villa Mexicana next year.

~ ~ Country Dancer

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