by seattlejim, Sunday, December 22, 2019, 14:27 (231 days ago) @ CountryDancer

Just reading this update on the Catalina I am not surprised as I can imagine the operating costs to keep this up year-round as well the staff from what I was told (they keep the staff on year-round, which means in months when the place is next to being empty.) I love the Catalina for many reasons, charm, Eva, the staff, the grounds, and the great vibe. I have been a regular since the next door shut down in 2009/10 and yes its been up for sale for many years, they had a buyer a few yrs back but it didn’t work out. The property is overpriced based on what I saw and did some basic math, the added in how building gets done/permits, etc. in ZIH based on feedback from a few local restaurant owners and you upside down really fast.
I was asked in the past as to suggestions by them as to what they could do to help drive more revenue (was in the restaurant business for many yrs.) so I offered up some low-cost items. My suggestions involved marketing, improving the beach bar and restaurant process and ops (outsourcing that space or lease it to a new restaurant thus would drive more clients to the hotel) suggestions around filling up the hotel in off market periods. The food/bar there unfortunately is not very good compared to nearby establishments, in fact we rarely eat there and the bar is under leveraged (the don’t even ask their guests on the beach if they want a drink, etc. which they could 5x revenues with an active waiter), they could be pulling much more $$ in daily revenue from a multitude of sources all of which would not create a capital infrastructure cost.
We always stay up near Eva so the rooms are nice and clean, never had an issue there. I personally love the atmosphere there, it’s very old school, 50’s style and the lush green plants/forest are amazing (as it was next door prior to the new owners). The stairs are great, the pool is fine and the views are breathtaking as well the beach. The staff of course are all wonderful people, but things change and revenue is key. My hope is Eva’s son can stabilize this business as if not then you will see it get shut down, then everyone will be out of job and us regulars will have to find a new place when this one is irreplaceable. My biggest concern is this, there is a Global financial tsunami coming our way in the next 24 months, so I hope/pray they can get this together prior to when this hits..

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