by mosesk, Ojai, CA, USA, Monday, January 06, 2020, 17:20 (494 days ago) @ Timmac

You are right about technology. The set I bought 6 years ago for nearly $2000 can now be purchased for around $600. Consumer reports says that unless you buy a set 65” or better there is very little difference in viewing experience with OLED. In the states there are no 4K broadcast stations, it is only available on streaming services and then not with all content. Until 4K is more readily available, I’m holding off.

I've had the Same Sony 52" XBR4 1080p LCD HDTV for at least 10 years. It had a beautiful pictured then and still does now, as well as a beautiful border around it.
I am thinking about a 65" at this point- seems to be the sweet spot.
The fact is I consume most of my entertainment on a 6" iPhone and 9" iPad.
But now that I'll be spending time in paradisiacal Zihuatanejo I'm supposed to live out ALL my fantasies, right!?!

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