OLED TV Be Advised

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Monday, January 06, 2020, 20:02 (386 days ago) @ midalake

We have lived within 200 yards of the ocean, with waves, for over 40 years, between here and Southern California.

Yes, the salt air does affect things-paperclips on a piece of paper in a drawer in a house will rust within two years. Electronics? Not so much, we always managed to get the manufacturers "average" lifespan out of ours. You can make them live longer by not turning them off and letting the interior heat keep things dryer. Only you can decide which is more important-electricity use vs lifespan.

We spent 12 winters here in an RV. What killed our electrical items was the variation in voltage. We ultimately installed a large capacity voltage regulator (names escape us right now) and that totally stopped the problem, although it would periodically shut off our power. Our dentist here has a small one of the same brand protecting her chair and her devices.

Fortunately, here on Playa la Ropa, we were undergrounded a few years ago and our voltage stays very steady. We were ready to put a full house unit on this place, but so far, there is no need. We also make sure that our items are built for Mexico, which has a standard of 127 volts, not the 110 the US uses. That difference alone will seriously shorten the lives of electronic items.

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