Looking for a place to stay next year for 2-3 months, jan

by 1946415cd @, Penticton BC, Wednesday, January 08, 2020, 10:29 (214 days ago)

Yes, I have tried the listings here.

We are currently in Zihua for the next 2 months staying in an Apartment on Las Palmas that has been OK, but would like to explore other options. maybe quieter options.

Must haves are: 1 bedroom, Decent Kitchen, sat TV, walking distance to Beach, reasonably quiet.
Also would prefer something with a balcony or sitting area outside and a pool would be nice.

We are planning to be back sometime in early January and stay till early March or April if the deal is right.

Absolute max budget is 30000 peso's a month. Yup, peso's, we are in Mexico right?:-)

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