Exit Tax

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Other possibilities: the crew didn't order fuel, or they ordered, but it wasn't delivered and they didn't check fuel level before departure. Enroute they noticed the inadequate level and made an unplanned stop to get more.

Things like that just don't happen.

Well, unfortunately, they do. I used to fly with a guy in Alaska who moved to the Lower 48 and got a job with one of the big airlines. They took off one day, apparently without checking the fuel level. Enroute they discovered their mistake and made an un-scheduled landing to get more. Needless to say, he got canned.

On a somewhat similar note: When I decided to get a private pilot's license, back in 1970, I drove to Oakland to take advantage of the advertised $5.00! introductory lesson. The owner of the outfit lived in the Sierra foothills and commuted to work in one of the Citabrias. We hopped in and headed for the Oakland hills. We had barely left the traffic pattern, when the engine quit, due to no fuel. We landed in the Oakland colosseum parking lot, coasting to a spot by a bank of payphones. Bob called for the ramp boy to bring a couple of cans of gas. Refueled and took off, just as 3 cop cars, with lights flashing, roared into the parking lot. Upon our return to Oakland, Bob said: "I guess I shouldn't charge you for the flight"? I appreciated the freebie and signed up for lessons. Over time, I got my commercial, IFR, multi-engine and Air Transport Pilot ratings and got a job flying in Alaska.

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