by mexicoman @, Zihuatanejo, Thursday, January 09, 2020, 13:07 (90 days ago) @ Ceejay@burnaby

So, I tried a withdrawal last night...when I declined to accept the fee, it canceled my transaction. So the “fees” on my 4000 pesos ended up as follows: Surcharge 55 MXN, Tax 8.80 MXN and Exchange Rate Mark-up 5.5%. Plus then my bank at home took $3 more! Sheesh. Exchange rate was $13.58. The interesting thing is I am a credit union board director, and credit union in Canada along with HSBC, are in the same interac exchange group and advertise our service as “ding free” if we use other member branches and machines. This is not just a Ding! I think I will take Robs advise and find Intercam.

If you are only needing small amounts - "up to 5,000 per withdrawal - Inbursa charges 17.4 Pesos.

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