by Diana B @, Friday, January 10, 2020, 12:19 (210 days ago) @ Casa Juan

The municipality runs a clean, easy-to-use recycling center where you can drop off cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, metal, aluminum, and maybe other stuff. They also accept plastic bottle caps which they donate to an organization. It is usually attended and the people working there will help you sort, or just accept your stuff and they will sort. For sure open M-F and possibly weekends as well.

The center is located on Calle Aguacate off of Paseo Palmar (Doña Lupe's and Turbo Lavandaría) near DIF in el centro. Search Goog maps for "Centro Reciclaje Zihuatanejo" and the site will come up.

Also, you can drop off garafon / water bottle caps at Agua Pura (corner Guerrero & Altamirano (Cuattro Ciclo, La Popular).

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