Stay Away from Sun Wing Charter Airline

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, January 13, 2020, 17:32 (288 days ago) @ Ottawa Joe

Some of you may have read about my daughters flight down with Sun Wing out of Toronto. To reiterate the flight was posted for an earlier time then original so she w0uld arrive mid afternoon not evening. The flight took off from Toronto but immediately landed in Windsor to fill up the plane with fuel that is just over an hour flight. Why we will probably never know. Retired flyboy buddies find it very strange.

On the return journey the Sun Wing flight was to drop passengers in Z pick up some ie my daughter then head over to Cabo to do the same. We had already left for Oaxaca via Mexico so she kept us updated first from Embarc then from the airport. She checked in well in advance and just afterwards there was a notice that the flight was delayed. It turned out to be 4 hours behind schedule and to add insult to injury the airport ran out of food. I guess they haven't heard of Uber Eats out there and once you are on the inside you cant order takeout.

Hopefullly with the new airline rules in Canada she will get compensation and not a free flight with them

So you want people to avoid this airline because the flight was 4 hours late? Do you know WHY it was late? Were they masturbating in the bathroom and generally dicking around or was there an equipment failure, a weather event, an unexpected emergency (passengers sometimes have them)?

Airports are busy and dangerous places, and lots of people take their work very seriously in order to avoid accidents like wars and causing passenger planes to get shot out of the sky in sick political stunts. You know. Might you be being a bit harsh on the airlines, or am I missing some important information here?

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