Taxi Rates

by Ironwood @, Thursday, January 16, 2020, 10:32 (412 days ago) @ PedroKS

Excellent response Rob.

I get tired of the taxi games. There are some super honest, good folks who we try to use regularly. There are others that play the game hard (i.e. never have change or pad the rates). Took me awhile to simplify the process and realize I needed to ask two questions before ever getting into a cab; "cuanto cuesta" y "tienes cambio"? Both being of equal importance.

Same reason we track every single item we order at beach restaurants. Want a tip, be honest with the bill.

We usually take four taxi rides each day. No problems, other than the odd cowboy who drives like it's the Indy 500, or the 20% of vehicles that not only should be taken off the road, but are at risk of losing their entire rear axles. Two or three times, we've been stiffed for a couple of pesos in our change.....not earth-shaking, but mildly irritating and actually kind of amusing. Each time it was after dark, I'd pay the 35 peso charge with a 50 peso bill. The driver would not turn on the interior light, but would rummage around in his change. A 10 peso and a 5 peso coin would be easy to discern, just by touch, but no, he would give me a fistful of smaller denomination coins. When I counted it later, it was a mixture of 10 and 50 centavo and 1 peso coins, 2 or 3 pesos short of the proper change. Did he know what he was doing? Of course.

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