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Last February, while in Ixtapa, for one of our special nights out, we tried Kau Kan in Ixtapa. We found the food okay, a bit pricey but overall atmosphere great. Coming back this year in February. Looking at some of the trip reviews for Kau Kan from the Spring of last year after we left, many have been very negative in regards to the price, reservations being cancelled, food quality, wait staff, etc. Has anyone been there recently & if yes, what is your opinion?

Other than Kau Kan, can anyone recommend a like restaurant for that one special night out, other than El Faro?


Tentaciones and Espuma both offer fine gourmet dining with exquisite views of Zihuatanejo Bay.

Guide to Restaurants in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa.

Screw Tentaciones and Espuma. These are the two MOST high priced restaurants in the area and there is WAY better value and EQUAL views around. People were at Espuma from our place within the last week and the service was lousy and food average.

For those listening both of these place are WAY more expensive than KauKan. Most entries at KauKan are $400 pesos or less, yes drinks are expensive [but they all are]. For the OP....Bogarts has bee a good eat for us for the last three years. No ocean view but the food price/quality/service has been top notch. I HIGHLY recommend the chateaubriand for two. Pacifica El Faro has been good too.


We also seem to have good food and service at Il Mare. However I know others who have not? Maybe we just lucky on the day were there?


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