Need lodging late arrival to Zihua

by AAA, Wednesday, February 05, 2020, 14:06 (157 days ago)

Hola to all: Im arriving next week late at night (11:30p- midnight) in Zihua and it seems the place ive checked out so far, Casa Ada, doesnt accept arrivals so late. Im arriving alone from Manzanillo. Not feeling comfortable in getting a taxi at that hour to any lodging. Do you know of a lodging that can pick me up at that hour at Estrella Blanca?

About me: ive been coming to Mx since i was 10. Speak spn. Have been living in Mx off and on for 10 yrs. ( When not here, im in south america). But where i live has lots of sugarcane burning and i want clean ocean air. I came to Zihua maybe 20 yrs ago and loved it. So i want to return to see the lovely Zihua again. Im a distance swimmer in the ocean, so being on a bay is important to me.

Thanks for any help on bus pickups or lodging that offers it. I hope to stay several months. And want to be within walking distance of the mar.

Saludos. Ann

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