Need lodging late arrival to Zihua

by hromero ⌂ @, Wednesday, February 05, 2020, 17:12 (157 days ago) @ AAA

Hola to all: Im arriving next week late at night (11:30p- midnight) in Zihua and it seems the place ive checked out so far, Casa Ada, doesnt accept arrivals so late. Im arriving alone from Manzanillo. Not feeling comfortable in getting a taxi at that hour to any lodging. Do you know of a lodging that can pick me up at that hour at Estrella Blanca?

About me: ive been coming to Mx since i was 10. Speak spn. Have been living in Mx off and on for 10 yrs. ( When not here, im in south america). But where i live has lots of sugarcane burning and i want clean ocean air. I came to Zihua maybe 20 yrs ago and loved it. So i want to return to see the lovely Zihua again. Im a distance swimmer in the ocean, so being on a bay is important to me.

Thanks for any help on bus pickups or lodging that offers it. I hope to stay several months. And want to be within walking distance of the mar.

Saludos. Ann

Hola Ann,

You don't say what day you are arriving, but we may have a room available for you and we would be happy to arrange pickup for you at the bus station. You can email us directly by clicking on the envelope next to my user name or you can also go to our website at www.casaarcoiriszihuatanejo.com and check our availability and pricing.


Humberto Romero

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