Trip Report Part 2. Jan 20-Feb 7.

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As we approach the final days of our annual vacation in Zihua, thought I would post part two of the trip report. We are fortunate enough to spend 5 weeks here and it goes by in a heartbeat! It has been wonderful as always. Some observations ......
The weather has been a bit more variable in the 2nd half of our vacation. Lots of high cloud (haze) and in fact these past few days have been very cloudy. Also very humid. Looked like rain on Monday but nothing happened other than a lot of wind. There was a bonus to be had as many of us on La Ropa witnessed a whale breaching a number of times at the mouth of the bay. Always an amazing sight. But Wed nite we did get some rainfall!! According to someone with a rain gauge it was 3/10’s of an inch on the south end of La Ropa. The skies cleared today and was a beautiful blue sky day with a steady breeze.
This past weekend was a long weekend in Mexico. The beach at La Ropa was very busy. The busiest Feb long weekend I have seen - rivaled Christmas! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Much to be said for a nation who can still enjoy multi generational gatherings at the beach!!!
Some of the questions posted here on the board are concerned with safety. I can say that in the 4+ weeks we have been here, we have never felt threatened or scared. This is true of our past visits as well. We never carry large sums of money. Only enough for the day or evening activities. We do not stay out too late. Also as a woman, I do not carry a purse. I have a small wallet that contains a piece of ID, a bank card and some pesos. I carry it in the pockets of my shorts. My husband does the same. Neither of us wears flashy or expensive jewelry. About the most threatened you will be is by bugs! I am a mosquito magnet and even with spray have been attacked daily. Even my relatively bug-resistant husband is being bit. Beware and come armed with a spray or remedy that works for you!!
Another question often posted on the board concerns the Sotavento and how things are progressing. We walk by it multitudes of times on our daily walks. Workers are on site most days (even Sundays). The destruction of the north side is almost complete. The construction side is progressing at what appears to be a much slower pace but there are workers there every day and the pounding, etc carries on most days from around 8:00-5:00. Those staying in the area beware - it is noisy and as has been mentioned on the board, very dusty at times as the demolition continues.
Water quality of the bay has been asked about as well. The bay throughout our stay has been very clear. I cannot speak about actual tested water quality but it looks, smells and feels wonderful!!
Also a note about ATM’s. We use them regularly to get pesos while on our trip. In the past, the machines have dispensed a variety of bills. Not so this trip! We have tried a few machines and different banks. All seem to dispense 500 peso bills. Even if you ask for an odd number like 3700 pesos, you get seven 500 peso bills and one 200. We order some small denomination pesos through our Canadian bank before we come down but that runs out quickly. Finding small change is a trial down here. You could line up at the bank to try and change big bills but I have been told that can take a while.
The food has been wonderful! We go out for supper in the evenings and are amazed by the quality of good restaurants. Our favs on La Ropa:
La Gaviota has undergone some renovations and now serves dinner from 6-9. Excellent food.
El Manglar, El Vigia, Israel’s pop up and La Cantinita are good as well.
Il Mare is another old fav with spectacular views.
In La Madera: we enjoyed La Tasca for tapas size dishes. Also Madaras on the beach.
In downtown area: our favorites were Agave, Joe’s, Chuleto’s and Daniel’s.
I will say that sometimes the smaller restaurants are overwhelmed by the number of people. When you only have 10-15 tables and suddenly a table of 12 comes in (even with a reservation), things get pretty hectic. The staff & kitchen have to scramble pretty hard to keep up.
Overall our trip has been another great experience.
Til next year friends!!

Great report
I think you covered most of the bases
The basketball keeps getting better at La Cancha
Watched an almost pro level baller the other night
Found lemons at Sams


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