Gunshots in Ixtapa

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, February 08, 2020, 13:57 (347 days ago) @ Rogerthat

Totally agree. The same night the innocents were shot in Ixtapa three were killed in my hometown on a city bus. True the US sends most of the weapons south and consumes most of the drugs that head north. My point was there are also guns manufactured and delivered from Latin and South America to Mexico.

A minor and insignificant percentage.

I don't mean to berate people, but I do seek consistency in one's comments. Criminality in any society is fomented by many different factors. Not taking law enforcement seriously for decades has hampered Mexico's ability to deal with the principal complaint of its citizens for the past 3 decades: la inseguridad. But just like the USA's own mafia had a huge surge during the USA's period of prohibition of alcohol, the longer prohibition of what have turned out to be very popular and lucrative substances has empowered and entrenched even more thoroughly the organized and violent criminals who dominate the black market of today's popular substances. One of the spinoffs of that gargantuan problem has been the flow of firearms south, fueling other problems for Mexico.

The very week after the ban on assault-style weapons was lifted in the USA during the Bush years, .50 cal Barretts began showing up here in Mexico and were used to ambush police, along with the assault weapons which were easily modified to full automatic. Police stations came under attack so much that our own had to build a fortress around its compound to prevent attacks. All police modules (the small two-room stations they operated out of in the colonias) were eventually abandoned because the police kept getting ambushed. This in part explains why we still don't have adequate municipal police protection. The criminals simply outgun them because they have more money to spend. So while Mexico takes full responsibility for what it can, the ease with which violent criminals are able to acquire firearms from the USA is another problem in the equation that must be solved if we are to get a grip on the matter. But unfortunately behind the scenes there are interests mostly north of the border who profit from a Mexico in turmoil, weakened by criminal activity. For folks who bother to look to history to better understand the present, we have seen this before.

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