Gunshots in Ixtapa THIS

by midalake @, Monday, February 10, 2020, 19:35 (339 days ago) @ Chas

No Offence? Best Regards? You have got to be kidding! Rob, please do us all a favour and give this guy the hook!

Why do feel that anyone who disagrees with you should be silenced/banned. Wouldn’t it be better just to explain why you think he is wrong. The US/Canadian border is over twice as long as the US/Mexican border. If the main problem in Mexico is US policy then Canada should be awash in drug cartels, violence, extortion and lawlessness.
I truly hope somehow this situation can be rectified. My wife and myself have been vacationing here for 15 years and these types of events are very disturbing. When we heard the news we were especially saddened because we were in Ixtapa the week before this happened. We stopped at that kiosk and bought a battery powered dragon from this family. The father, mother and the kids were all involved and were laughing, chatting and having a good time. It’s heart breaking to think that their lives could be destroyed by some sick individuals for 400 pesos.



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