Gunshots in Ixtapa

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, February 10, 2020, 23:20 (391 days ago) @ Canada Pete

Yea---always easier to blame someone else or something else.

Actually, it seems much easier for certain gringos to simply ignore the matter. Too many U.S. citizens want to take zero responsibility for the nefarious actions of their government, its reprehensible policies or the incredible damage caused around the world in the name of We The People. Only its patriots want to own up to and attend to such problems and to do better.

Global arms trade is a nearly 200 billion business and the US drives nearly 80% of it

You know Rob, you seem to have a real chip on your shoulder for the USA. You blame every stubbed toe on the The USA and Donald Trump. My First visit to Zihu was in 1980, it was a lawless crime infested cartel run fishing village then. Not much has changed except some boom and bust cycles that lured more westerners to invest and then be scared out.

There comes a point when your bias is so strong it blinds you to reality. This place where I visit and you live is in the heart of Narco Controlled everything, from the government to the police to almost every business in town . You claim that since you live there year round you know so much more than everyone else. You are either blind to the reality or just plain ignorant.

At some point, and I don't see it anywhere in the near future, The Mexicans are responsible for their own future, and ex pats who dropped out of society long ago to hide in a third world country aren't likely to be of much benefit.

I keep my mouth and thoughts shut becuase you own this board and with the risk of being thrown off I submit this post.

As For me and my Casa. We are heavily armed, I will not be calling the police, or the marines for help, I learned many years ago the law in Mexico and especially Guerrero and Sinaloa the police favors the living.

No Offence, Best Regards


No offense. You didn’t really know Zihuatanejo in 1980 and you appear to know even less about it today. With all our problems it remains an oasis and a sanctuary in a world gone mad. In Chilapa children are being trained to fight criminals. In Vallecitos everyone has abandoned the town. In Cocula they buried two children today attacked and murdered by criminals over the weekend. In Zihuatanejo children go to school normally and play in the plazas, playgrounds and on the beaches. There is nothing here for narcos but gasoline for their vessels as they pass by at sea. We have no major market or transit points. Lázaro is a transit point, but mostly for receiving drugs from China including precursors for making meth. The narcos are fighting over control of Tierra Caliente for its isolation yet fairly easy access to cities like Morelia, Uruapan, Guadalajara, Guanajuato and CDMX. The extortionists in Zihuatanejo are just punks. But since we don’t have a functioning police force they feel emboldened. Thus my insistence that the solution to our problem depends upon the USA being a part of the solution instead of continuing to be a source of the problem.

El Negro Durazo wasn’t a narco. He thought he was a superhero. He threatened my wife’s family. I don’t recommend touring his monument to corruption or giving it any publicity. I’d just as soon see it razed and the land sold to reimburse families like my wife’s who suffered losses at the hands of El Negro Durazo.

As a foreigner you are not permitted to have firearms, so you may be in violation of the law

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