A Taste of Anabella

by marshasg1, Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 14:24 (151 days ago)

Anabella Martinez, formerly of the Ziwok restaurant and Mi Casita B&B, will offer several special sessions between now and March 16th.

You will learn how to prepare exotic cold dishes and the secret behind the perfect margarita....

You will hear some interesting Zihuatanejo stories and discover the meaning of famous Spanish love songs.

Ideal for groups of 4-6 people

Any day of the week from noon to 2 pm

Cost per person per session $25 USD/ 500 pesos

For reservations and more information email Anabella at huitzi41@gmail.com or telephone her at 755-55-70049

Punta Marina at Playa La Ropa

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