Gunshots in Ixtapa

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 15:09 (386 days ago) @ Canada Pete

Mr Ironwood,

I gave my opinion and my view, I dont have a need to shove it down anyones throat or convince anyone I am right or wrong.

Enough has been said already in this public forum. Neither I or anyone else wishes to be looking over their backs while intoxicated on a paddle board.

For the folks that are coming here and visit infrequently I hope this thread did not make them worry.

This is a wonderful place, magical in many aspects, it is safe for you, your family, you children and your friends, it is extremely RARE for tourists to run in to problems here. The people are friendly and at you service to visit their home and to show you the beauty that is here.

With that said, it is also heartbreaking to watch locals suffer with a lack of government support.

Best Regards,

It's Mrs.

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