lost billfold

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 18:26 (51 days ago) @ Ppond09


Hello Ppond09

I'll add my 2 cents of nonsense to the inquiry......

As far as going to the Ministerio Público de Atención al Turísta,
as Z Rob said, that may be where you could get a report on the incident.

Though, from my over 20 years experience here as Z Resident, the only thing that would do is add another statistic to their log.
Since it was lost, and NOT a crime, not much attention would be given to help You recover your lost billfold.

That said, IF You need such a report for insurance or other purposes in order to have an "Official" record of the event, that is the only use I would see for reporting it to the M.P.

As far as nobody speaking in English, there are TWO offices for the M.P:

One is as mentioned above.
Since it is Tourist Attention there should be someone available, at least part-time who understands English. And supposedly, they are a bit more attentive and courteous there, vs the regular M.P. office for people who aren't tourists or foreigners.

At the other office of the M.P., I wouldn't expect anyone there to know English.
It's for the typical local crime situation.


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