Warning! Lavendaria Kyoto

by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Saturday, February 29, 2020, 14:41 (98 days ago)

This is a public warning about using the Lavendaria Kyoto, just near the canal. I am posting here and on Zihuarob's site after several tourists have been having troubles with this place and local friends recommended I warn people. I am also going to Profeco Monday regarding this place to place an official complaint...I figure as this business does business mostly with tourists people would want to be aware and avoid the place....a Canadian living here several months a year brought her clothes and her friend clothes. When she went to pick them up, she was told the place had been robbed and the clothes stolen but there was plenty of other clothes on the shelves so this was odd. A camera was noticed but when asked about it, they were told the camera was not working. Then they were told the place is not responsible for their clothes as per the saying on the back of the receipt. They were pissed and after arguing were given 500 pesos as a take it or leave it offer. Then another Canadian couple was heard arguing there by a local friend who stepped in to help as there was a language barrier and the issue was 3 shirts were missing from the package thy had dropped. My friend was told by the worker they did not know what happened and that was all. They just did not care. Finally I dropped a load this week that was fairly small. After picking it up and returning to my hotel, I noticed they made a mess of several of the items. Thy obviously do not separate whites and colours so a white shirt came back with blue dots all over and is ruined. Two other white items are now off white and a Polo Shirt with a zipper that should have been washed with delicate mode was thrashed with the end result the zipper ripped and the shirt being garbage. I feel by their response that they don't care and figure since we are tourists there won't be any repercussions and they will get away with it. Upsetting as most of my friends running businesses here are ethical people working hard to provide good products and services and a place like that gives a black eye to many. The white vehicle is the owner vehicle, a lady in her mid fifties...

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