Warning! Lavendaria Kyoto

by Roberto!, Saturday, February 29, 2020, 15:36 (97 days ago) @ cd69

That is unfortunate.

For years we have been taking our laundry to Lavanderia Express situated on Catalina Gonzalez (near Cinco de Mayo) 755-554-43 93. They have been reasonable, prompt and dependable.

I am quite biased though because some time ago we had dropped off our laundry there with a pick up scheduled for late the following afternoon. That evening we received an urgent call requiring us to return home to deal with a family emergency the next day and the flight we hastily arranged was leaving in the early afternoon. The front desk phoned the Lavanderia Express the following morning, explained the situation and the owner delivered the washed laundry in time for us to pack and leave for the airport.

You may wish to give them a try.

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