travelling by taxi with infants

by ToddJerad @, Monday, March 02, 2020, 22:55 (414 days ago) @ tmarchant

I’m in a similar situation as you with the car seat thing. You’re going to a city where you will see 1 year olds sandwiched between mom and dad on motor scooters with no helmets.

There are actually awesome products on the market to help. Your 2.5 yo may be big enough for the ride safer travel vest. Look online, I’m cautious to recommend child safety products so do your research please. There are travel infant car seats that you can fold and take to dinner , beach , etc . Nordstrom’s sells a few online, but google it if interested.

The other option depending on budget would be hiring a taxi driver with a/c and nice newer car that you can basically hire for the day or days. Buy car seats or take on plane and leave with driver while they stay with you. I’m sure people have good recent recommendations for reliable drivers. I recommend this over car rental in case contemplating that route.

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