travelling by taxi with infants

by mexicoman @, Puerto Vallarta, Tuesday, March 03, 2020, 10:32 (358 days ago) @ Ironwood

Some taxi's have seat belts, some don't.

We also have never seen a baby car seat used in this country. However, occasionally there is a poster who says that they did bring their car seats and used them.

We've taken at least four taxis per day for the past 3 months. I always sit in the back seat, and don't recall seeing one taxi with rear seat belts. Maybe I'm not very observant. What I have noticed is that the power windows on half the vehicles so equipped don't work....and are always frozen in the closed position. (Keeps out the rain....and the fresh air.) And a few taxis with wind-down window handles are sans-handles.....again, in the "up" position. Car seats for children? Nada. Maybe they're stowed in the trunk?

When we have asked about seat belts they pull up the rear seat. They are stashed under there if they have them. If not we pass. As to child car seats, never seen one here.

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