Tortugas Hatchlings Release on La Ropa?

by juanrojo @, Wednesday, March 04, 2020, 10:36 (94 days ago) @ Sunlight Dancer

Talley Ho, Some walker watchers thought five exit/nests on 03/02/20 and the same as you from January on otherwise. As you know, I would only mention this as an interesting possibility and never to argue with such useful observers and team players.

I also remember your August observation of a much larger single night stand out event and can't help but wonder if the same species of turtle may be the nester's in both cases to have such remarkable coincidence of timing, again, in both cases.

Maybe Olive Ridleys in mini aribatas. I saw a report concerning two recorded mortality counts of Oaxaca mass birthings of 5% and 20% through overcrowding. Maybe nature has an egg spreading back up plan or clever groups of slackers get together for some out of season breeding to skip the trip and just drop eggs local. Nobody goes to Oaxaca anymore it's too crowded.

You can see I have an interest but I'm not always real sciencey, sometimes, but not always.

I came across the astounding factoid below, cut and pasted from Wikipedia and it was footnoted, while I was trying to correctly spell Whahakkah, (possible Yiddish spelling, not checked or footnoted). It shows a huge change in attitude, a sea change some might say.

More than one million olive ridleys were commercially harvested off the coasts of Mexico in 1968 alone

Please be happy always

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