Zone 4 & Medevac Plans: Clear up Confusion

by Sarah Ash, Wednesday, March 04, 2020, 10:51 (94 days ago)

To clear up the confusion regarding medical evacuation plans and Zone 3 & 4 areas of Mexico.

If you have a medical evacuation plan, or want one, it is VITAL that you understand the restrictions of the plan you have or are considering!

Do you know what a Zone 3 or 4 areas means and how that affects the plan in question?

Do you spend time in a Zone 4 area of Mexico?

Which companies will cover you in such an area of Mexico? (SkyMed will, others will NOT)

Contact me for the correct and important information. Do not go on rumors and hearsay because you could end up with a plan that does NOT cover you in the Zihua / Ixtapa area and other areas of Mexico.

Critical fact: SkyMed DOES cover all areas of Mexico, even those designated Zone 4. SkyMed evacuates members back to their home hospital of choice in the USA, Canada or even in Mexico.

Most other companies DO NOT COVER ZONE 4 AREAS OF MEXICO!

Let your friends know that this is very important for them to know!

SkyMed CAN and WILL evacuated members from the Zihua/ Ixtapa/ Troncones areas...another company with a confusingly similar name wiil NOT.

Contact me as the SkyMed Team Leader, Mexico for more information and written proof that SkyMed DOES evacuate members from Zone 4 Areas in Mexico.

Sarah Ash, SkyMed
MX Cell: 415 125 3537
USA Cell: 928 255 0220

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