A Whole Lot Of Live Soul, R&B, Blues & Rock All In One Night

by Rayburn @, Ixtapa & Winnipeg, Wednesday, March 04, 2020, 14:40 (94 days ago)

Tequila Blues & Rock Explosion Fests & Events continues with more Live Events and Fundraising on Friday, March 6 at Villas Paraiso Hotel Restaurant in Ixtapa.

Chris Sanchez from Morelia is coming to Ixtapa-Zihua and he's bringing 9 Performer Friends with him. 3 Big Unique Sets Festival Style.

If you like your Rock-Creedence style, your Blues-Chicago Blues style, and your Soul & R&B-The Blues Brothers Style, this night will be for you. The Music Of Our Lives. 7:30 pm start.

More Details About The Event Here At The Facebook Events Page Or At Our Website

We continue to fundraise alongside great live music. Last weekend for Street Animal Rescue. This weekend for the Realizing Potentials fund to help very talented and skilled young people from this area realize their full potential in life. Vicente Contreras, 14-year-old guitar prodigy from Ixtapa-Zihua, is already in the program. Nominations currently open for at least one additional young person for 2020 assistance.

Thank you for the opportunity.
Be glad to answer any questions here or at our Pages.

Bob Rempel
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