Don't get Medjet medevac insurance!

by Sarah Ash, Thursday, March 05, 2020, 11:10 (93 days ago) @ chrisonthebeach

Get a SKYMED medical evacuation plan! SkyMed DOES cover Zone 4 "Do Not Travel" areas in Mexico and takes you back to the home hospital of your choice in the USA, Canada or even here in Mexico if that is what you want.

Do NOT be confused by the similar sounding name. SkyMed has over 30 years experience rescuing members and DOES cover ALL areas of Mexico including Zone 4 Do Not Travel areas.

Many other advantages too. Once approved, Guaranteed Renewal no matter what your age or future medical condition or even if you have used your SkyMed before for an evacuation!. Return Flights after recovery, helicopter, visitor transportation from Day 1 in the hospital and MORE. SkyMed even covers you back in the USA and Canada all year too!

Contact me Sarah Ash, SkyMed Team Leader
MX Cell: 415 125 3537
USA Cell: 928 255 0220

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