Zone 4 & Medevac Plans: Clear up Confusion

by Sarah Ash, Friday, March 06, 2020, 12:20 (92 days ago) @ Helene

Please contact me directly for the best prices. As the Team Leader I have special plans and pricing NOT featured on the website.

The price of $895 only applies for those who spend MORE than 6 months per year in Mexico and who are 75 or older when they first join! That would be for a SILVER XPAT plan. There is a different plan for Snowbirds who only spend up to 6 months in Mexico per year with prices starting at a much lower level.

I have discounts and plans that are NOT available anywhere, except from me, your rep. SkyMed wants you to work with your rep so that you get the correct plan to suit your needs AND so that you fully understand how your plan works and how to activate it in an emergency. Medical Evacuation is way to complicated and important to buy on a website to get the right plan for you.

SkyMed evacuates you to your home hospital of choice and makes the hospital bed confirmation for you.

Most look alike plans actually restrict transport to "when medically necessary" and then in the rare circumstance that it is "medically necessary" to move you, they only have to transport you "to the nearest adequate hospital." That does NOT get you back home or even to your home country for treatment. You must understand the small print of any plan that you are considering!

SkyMed, throughout the Basic Service Area, is evacuation BY MEMBER'S CHOICE and TO HOME HOSPITAL OF CHOICE IN USA OR CANADA.

Please contact me directly for information, for plans NOT available on the website and the BEST SkyMed Prices!

Sarah Ash, Team Leader
MX Cell: 415 125 3537
USA Cell: 928 255 0220

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