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We, along with hundreds of others, enjoyed last evening's beach concert at GuitarFest.
Given the location, and the fact that attending many of the shows is likely beyond the means of most of the local inhabitants, we can only guess at some of the political issues associated with putting on an event of this scope. That said, a couple of observations:
--Locating the stage at the other end of the beach, from where it was last year, perhaps wasn't the best idea. The GuitarFest audience sat facing La Cancha, with its usual Sunday evening ultraloud music, rather than having it at their backs. The musicians were closer to the La Cancha hubbub than last year. This was a disadvantage for the first guitarist, Marina Tomei, with her quiet, classical style. Fortunately, Eric McFadden, the breath-taking closing act, could play and be heard if there was a freight train crossing the stage.
--those high-powered floodlights shining down on the audience were irritating. It would have felt more intimate if the audience lights were turned 'way down, leaving the musicians in the spotlight.

We hope to attend more beach concerts, and appreciate the organizers holding the ticket price to a reasonable 100 pesos.

Agree with you.
Last year the "light show" was particularly irritating.
It seemed that every beat of music was an invitation to turn on and off another light.

In spite of all the minor (and occasionally major) irritations, the GuitarFest is a fantastic event with some incredible music.
I've told myself that I'm going to practice real hard every day this year and submit an application to hopefully hit the stage next year...

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