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Last night we enjoyed another evening of great music on the beach at GuitarFest, where the featured artists were Zihua's Jose Luis Cobo, and Canada's Brandon Isaak. This split between local and foreign artists mirrors the GuitarFest roster, with half of the 16 artists coming from Mexico, the other half from Canada, USA, Cuba, Italy, Japan and Hungary. To further emphasize a local flavour, four of the eight Mexican artists come from the Zihua-Petatlan area.

Those too-bright floodlights are still blasting the audience, but that's our only minor complaint.The beer was cold, the chicken empañadas delicious.
I searched for signs of the Disneyvirus, but could find no trace. I was tempted to ask Jose Luis Cobo how he felt being described as an agent for Mickey Mouse, but didn't have the heart.

In my initial post, above, my use of the word "hubbub" to describe a usual Sunday evening at La Cancha was not meant to be disrespectful:

"hubbub, noun: 1. a chaotic din caused by a crowd of people.
2. noise, a busy, noisy situation."

That's a fairly accurate description of a typical Sunday evening at La Cancha, no?

As for the crowning of the Carnival Queen that evening, visitors could perhaps be forgiven for not realizing it was going on: Carnaval posters plastered all over town show the dates as "13 - 15 March/2020".

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