Marine transmission borg warner

by juanrojo @, Thursday, March 12, 2020, 11:57 (85 days ago) @ Jack Magic Carpet

Tranny troubles. Sorry I have no help for you.

My head is in the ocean 3 to 4 hours a day snorkeling and my mind is full o'sea more than that.

I honestly thought that I had finally found another individual that was ALSO listening for underwater marine transmissions, like whale song or even whale whispers which given the size of the beasts might still be kinda loud. A person could even extend this foolishness, interstellarly(sp) to consider the alien lifeform, the Borg form Star Trek who have, oddly, been quiet, (so far), this month.

When that last cruise ship in the bay turned her screw out of a serene silencio, it was like fireworks to dog ears to me and I wondered about the sensitivty of whale ears and if the noise might make them sing the blues or worse, stop singing at all.

Again, I apologize for an off topic aside. I felt the magic carpet part might leave you open to this kind of discussion.

Please be happy always

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