USD Exchange Rate

by Ironwood @, Monday, March 16, 2020, 10:08 (20 days ago) @ mosesk

Just back from getting pesos at the INBURSA ATM. Including the fee of 17.4 pesos per transaction, we got a rate of 21.58. Really.

Good time to stock up!!!

Good rate but not as good as the 21.93 Transferwise is offering at the moment or the 22.4 I got last week.
I was a bit skeptical about TransferWise until I looked into it.

Current "middle market" or spot rate quoted by Transferwise is 22.72.
Yeah- grab those pesos...and spend them freely

Canadian mid-rate 16.188 this morning on xe,com- highest in a long time. Unfortunately, we're going home two weeks earlier than originally planned, and I've got a wad of pesos I can't use until we next hopefully return.

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