Quiet streets

by islandgirl @, Cowichan Valley, Monday, March 16, 2020, 23:56 (16 days ago)

I'm in a smallish town on Vancouver Island. Restaurants, businesses, dental offices, all closing down. The dentists because they had a big conference with a couple thousand people in Vancouver last week, and now they're starting to test positive, so don't get a tooth ache now.
Can't go to Timmie's anymore. You can drive thru or get take out, but no one is allowed to stay in the restaurant.
They say mail order cannibis sales are spiking, as people settle in for a long isolation period.
At least I can still take the puppies to the dog park as long as we avoid other people.
Oh, gas is down to $1.20 per litre. Dropped about .25 cents so far.
I think we have a long haul ahead of us. Hope I get to spend more time in Zihua soon!

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