Foolish lies

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 10:44 (112 days ago) @ Chas

Went to our nearby Kroger and could not believe the number of empty shelves. For get it if you wanted beef- all they had was high end roast and steaks(not many). Whole sections of the store had empty shelves. This hoarding is effecting everyone. All I wanted was mix for my margarita's- Kroger has the best "Light". Got Kathie her red wine in their liquor store next door and now we are prepared for a couple of days. We just had another virus case in our town reported- 2 at this point and a person in the next county passed but had other health issues and his body just could not fight both. There is so much false news you don't know who to believe. Because of very few case in West Virginia, the Governor came out and said to visit your local Bob Evans. Here our restaurants are only suppose to do drive up or carry outs.

Click your heels twice Paul and repeat: "it's only a democratic hoax"

About a million times will do.


Just curious, Paul was relaying his experience with the corona virus and you seem to be insinuating that somebody called the “Corona Virus a Democratic hoax”. Perhaps you could elaborate with some actual facts.

For several weeks the Chump called the COVID-19 a "Democratic hoax" and essentially took none of the measures he should have taken immediately, leading to the unnecessary spreading of the virus with its accompanying casualties.

Paul has expressed his support for The Chump, thus Midalake's stinging comment.

The numerous blatant irresponsible and outright childish lies in this less than 2-minute segment of a recent rally speech are all you should need to know to determine The Chump's incompetence and ineptitude for the position he holds.


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