Corona Virus cases - facts only pleasej

by Ernie Gorrie ⌂ @, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 16:03 (21 days ago) @ midalake

You REALLY need to read about how this virus does in tropical climates. ALL of your questions will be answered.


This is what I’m reading from March 16...

“A dramatic surge in coronavirus infections in Southeast Asia in recent days has increased doubts over a theory that warmer weather could stem the spread of the virus, health experts say.

“Relatively low cases of infections in many southeast Asian countries had been cited as possible evidence that hotter weather was suppressing the virus, giving hope to Europe, Canada and the United States as they head into spring.

“But countries from Indonesia to Thailand to Malaysia and the Philippines have recorded their highest rate of infections in recent days as testing has ramped up, in a sign seasonal factors may only play a limited role in the spread of coronavirus.”

Do you have links for more current information that will answer “ALL” of our questions?


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