let them eat cake

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 17:00 (115 days ago) @ Casa Juan

when medical services could use a serious financial boost right now, Chump now proposes to buy votes this fall by sending checks to all citizens in the next two weeks with no thought to where the actual funds will come from. Let the printing presses roll. Soon the USD will be on par with the MXN :-(

And Trump is considering huge bail-outs to big business....the same businesses that had billions and billions in profits, but paid not one penny in income tax. The same businesses that benefited most from corporate tax cuts, and used that windfall to buy back their stock. More socialism for the wealthy. And you can be sure it'll primarily be dog-eat-dog capitalism for the guy in the street and small business. If the government goes ahead with announced plans to issue emergency payments to individuals and small business....good on them. Will they ever admit that this is the way democratic socialist countries operate? Not on your life.

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