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by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 08:00 (111 days ago) @ Paulf

Good night all. My original post was to reflect how I felt about the change at our Kroger in a couple of days from going from fully stocked shelves to empty shelves. I have a bad back with constant pain and pills don't always work and I help my pain with a Margarita made with a Light Margarita mix(better than the sugar one) I can only find at Kroger and a Bloody Mary mix I normally get at the Liquor Barn in Lexington (was able to order a case that I ordered 3 months ago from Walmart). I went to get some other items that we needed that was not available but did not mention in the post- I just said empty shelves. At the Grand I start my breakfast with a Bloody Mary- normally 1 but may have 2 depending on my back pain. I am concerned about the over buying of certain products like in Tennessee where these Brothers bought up certain items all around their area and went into Kentucky also and was selling the items at a out outrageous price until they got caught and the State came and took their products. Like I said before, I do not get all my news from Fox. As a example, Kathie just yesterday read where the billionaire in China disappeared after calling the Premier a Clown- that was in both the papers I read right after it was confirmed that he had disappeared. They both have Pro and CON about Trump but normally have articles before the regular papers or tv news if even covered. I will say one thing about Fox I have said before, why on most nights their programs have more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined- even Bernie liked the Fox coverage of the Primaries over the other 2 . The viewers of Fox are not all Trump supporters. So get off your high horses saying I only watch Fox(where do you get your news MSNBC or CNN)- the 2 publications present the monthly results of viewership of the 3 cable networks- you never see MSNBC or CNN tell their viewers how their nightly programs compare to Fox or each other. Rob, you will love this, for you that don't know, Kentucky has the Bourbon Trail. The Trail is a fun thing to go. The top distilleries are members and at the first one you go to, you pick up a Pass Port and as you go to each on the Trail they stamp it- after the Pass Port is completed you get a small prize. Takes a couple of days to do all. Anyway, Kathie took couple of friends on the Trail to a couple of Distilleries and she had always had rum and coke. The rum has been sitting in our liquor cabinet a couple of years untouched- now it's bourbon and coke. If you want a good sipping flavored bourbon, try the Evan Willams "Peach" other flavors are available- keep it in the freezer and when you want a taste, it is nice and cold- after doing the Evan Williams Tour, we were in their Gift Shop and we purchased these sipping glasses that we use for wine also. The fun living in Kentucky- Zihuatanejo is our 2nd most favored place.

In regards to your back pain have you tried chiropractic or cannabis?
In regards to your touting Fox viewership all it proves is the absolute dumbing down of the American populace.

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