Doomsday Preppers

by Paulf @, Mount Sterling, Ky 40353, Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 08:01 (13 days ago) @ midalake

As much as I love Kentucky, I would much be at the Grand now getting ready to go upstairs to one of the best restaurant's in Zihuatanejo to have a Bloody Mary with my breakfast and getting away from the news about the virus. You feel bad about what's going on already but the news makes it worse because you are basically stuck in limbo. Kathie just came back from Walmart for needed items she get's there instead of Kroger because of the price and complaining about the empty shelves. January 2021 can not come soon enough. Because of the virus we put our trip to Scotland in September on hold and go in spring of 2021. Let's hope the incoming Tourists are safe for they are finding a person can be carrier and not even know it.

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