Sad morning

by Paulf @, Mount Sterling, Ky 40353, Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 14:45 (115 days ago) @ jay

Funny thing, because the mornings are so beautiful at the Grand, years ago one of the wait staff knowing I like Bloody Mary's asked would I like one for breakfast (Ixstapa alcohol can't be served till 11 am I believe) and of course I said yes and now the morning crew in most cases when they see me ask if I want one- sometimes 1 of them starts making my BM automatic- I do not start out with one at home(not the same). Another thing the staff knows I like Amaretto at night after desert and they make sure they have a bottle on hand when we come for our weeks- I have a Canadian friend hooked on Amaretto after desert also now. I got in trouble with Kathie one evening- coming back from dinner at El Faro's I said I would not have a night cap when saying good bye to the staff. She went down to say good bye to the kitchen staff. When I walked in, I was told one of the waiters made sure they had a new bottle of Amaretto for our last night- I said no twice. I was told the waiter would be upset if I did not have a drink. Kathie came up from the kitchen and here is the new bottle sitting on the table with me with a drink in my hand- Kathie was a little upset until she was told I did say no a couple of times and now she and one also. We totally love the staff at the Grand for they can't do enough for you- the waiter is still there and we laugh about him getting me in trouble on our last night years ago. There are so many of us who go down year after year have fun moments that will live with us for ever and that is part of the reason we go back every year. I am really worried that a tourist can bring the virus in. I just read the Nursing Homes epidemic was caused by the staff members going from Nursing Home to Nursing Homes not realizing they were carriers and that there was not enough protection at the homes- it just takes 1 person to be a carrier.

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