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Excerpt from reply by marshasg1 to Z Rob--->

.... " I do think that an influx of visitors for Semana Sanata, coming in on crowded buses and staying in crowded hotels is not a good thing at this time. I know what it will do for business here, but our "zero cases" can change very quickly.

I prefer AMLO to Trump any day, but he needs to get serious and not just think that "our Mexican culture" will defeat this pandemic. "


Actually from what I observe, the "Authorities" already are more "serious" about the issue.
Whether or not the actions that have been taken so far are adequate and are providing the protection the population needs to remain free of COVID-19, I am not qualified to say.

Nevertheless, in this situation, I.M.O. it may prove to be beneficial in order to protect the health of citizens, to "err on the side of caution" however ridiculous and/or unnecessary it sounds to some of the "Paradise" people


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