Dog Health Certificate No Longer Needed?

by la gabacha @, Ixtapa, Thursday, March 19, 2020, 08:54 (74 days ago) @ vickichris

Hi Vicky
My vet told me i did'nt need the same documents . When I arrived here the airport vet didnt give me my importation papaer that you need to get your dog home . That weird guy at the airport didn't know what to do with out the paper docs and I asked him to look it up at the website and then he just acted like he could not understand my spanish. It was super frustrating and then he let me out of the airport with the dog and didn't give me the paper documents I needed to leave with my muneca.
I was here in May of last year and have a copy of that import papaer so will leave with that .I am lucky to have copied my documents. So my advice is to continue using the old forms and have all the old rabies indo ecto parasites etc. letter until your dog gets a passport.

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