Happened about 10 mins ago sheesh

by Mexalberta @, Saturday, March 21, 2020, 08:05 (110 days ago) @ Canada Pete

You had better hope Mexico keeps sending the Medical supplies you need after Mexico gets overwhelmed.

Huh ?

Explain please.

Read my friend
Mexico manufactures and exports Quite a lot of he material that the USA will require as it becomes the new Italy

Well why don’t you educate me ?

3m makes masks, who does in Canada ?

Every fresh piece of produce I see on Canadian stores is American or Mexican .

The Us still refined and sells gas back to Canada.

The rice , apples tomatoes celery peppers carrots lettuce and garlic I purchased this week in the comox valley was all from the USA.

Most of the people producing it are Mexicans. .

The tests the USA developed give a result in 4/7 hours with a 98% accuracy, not a week with a 80% accuracy of the WHO tests. Canada did 10,000 tests today, results are a week out.

Now you don’t like AMLO you don’t like Trump, you have stated the epidemic will wipe out Mexico and the USA is the next Italy.

Retired healthcare workers are being asked to sew masks at home right now.

Next week I go to the USA to shore up there as I have done here.

I also have family spread across countries, provinces and states.

I don’t see any benefit in constantly screaming about “ what if’s” or “ could haves “ the current task is at hand.

If you have nothing to contribute at the very least don’t be a victim.

Everything that can be done is being done, help or stay out of the way, I know I don’t find your input helpful inspirational or beneficial.

Canada, The USA and Mexico are so intertwined they will rise together or fall together.

You may want to get on board or at least don’t discourage those trying to do their best.

Wishing continued good health and peace of mind.

Regards ,

If you are attempting to confuse me it worked.
I am a huge supporter of Mexican exports and have Mexican family
Don't know where you became so distracted from the beware of the virus message
Mexicans are very fearful of what may come and it makes me sad Trump was in denial for 6 weeks and it cost countless Americans their lives.

Good Health Tp You

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