Más AgradeZIHdos y Casi Cumplido

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, March 22, 2020, 18:55 (880 days ago) @ SeaTraveler

Sincerely wish you, your family, and all my wonderful friends in Zihua good luck, maestro! CNN just reported that the minister of health of Mexico announced that AMLO "cannot be infected with the virus because of his moral character!" Would that viral biology could recognize the good and the bad among us.....

Bullshit! Why spread Fake News? Oh, CNN USA? Yeah, they’d say crap like that, just like they cover up election fraud and burn Bernie while covering for Joe. Try DW or Al Jazeera or France 24

Stay at home whenever possible. Wash your hands. Wash your parents' hands. Wash your children's hands. Use alcohol-based (at least 60%) sanitizer liberally on all surfaces - door handles, tables, counter tops, shopping bags, your keys, etc. Stay at least 1m apart. Slow down the transmission of this virus. Even young people can get it and get very ill and transmit it to their families (even if they don't die at such a high rate).

We’re paying close attention to the information coming from our authorities who have so far managed to contain the virus while getting ready for the next phase. We all try to keep our finger on Mexico’s pulse.

From a huge champion of Zihua for two decades. I am a retired physician who is living through the epidemic in Seattle. It's no joke!

Neither Mexico’s president nor its people have ever taken this pandemia as a joke, contrary to what has been reported. Protocols already in place certainly appear to have served the nation well, in spite of the near constant hysterics of some foreigners and the unhelpful “reporting” by some of the media whose every brain fart is Breaking News. Pardon my irreverence.

Thanks for the good advice!

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